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on his BBC Introducing Mixtape Show on 6 Music he played ‘Amercia’ :D massive thank-you!!!!

You can download the mixtape for free here… (

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Touring Highlights Tue, 09 Apr 2013 15:17:42 +0000 Kezia Read more »]]> Hey!!! So I haven’t done a blog in a while because I’m totally useless, or as Lu would say “I’m the worst blogger in the whole world”. It’s been a pretty cool few months and totally weird. Lots of things are changing and shifting in my normal life and so it’s happened that my music life which any musicmaker will tell you is a fickle, inconstant and unreliable life has somehow become the constant thing I can be certain of and look forward to. It’s like the wardrobe in the spare room that lets me pop to Narnia every now and again. :)  

What seems like ages ago now I went up to London to support Kernow King in a rather marvellous event called ‘Kernow in the City’ which was basically just a big party for Cornish ex-pats living in London. It was a great celebration of the Cornish culture and all the things that make us awesome! A massive shout out to Lenny George (Peter Parker’s Rock n Roll Club) for organising the event. It was a blast. Even with the situation which will forever be known as ‘The Pasty Disaster of 2013’(!) it was a banging night and we bleddy loved it!

Loved being back at the Fleece supporting Lindi Ortega and met a lovely lady called Lotte Mullan after supporting her at the Studio Lounge in a very wet, very stormy Totnes.

My EP is out and selling like hotcakes ;) and it’s available to download now too! I had a great EP launch at The Melting Pot Cafe in Redruth! Thanks so much to Tom Gall and Tee Mafokate for performing and being AWESOME! And thanks to all of you who came out midweek to support! You guys are the bee’s knees and the cat’s pyjamas.

I’m off on holiday now for a bit! Spain here I come! See you again in the Spring (which will definitely be here by then!! ) :)


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On the road in March Thu, 28 Feb 2013 18:29:45 +0000 Kezia Read more »]]> Now that the technical stuff is finished and ready to go, I can get on with doing the thing I love to do… playing!!!

I have quite a few dates lined up for the next month that I’m really looking forward to! I’m particularly looking forward to returning to the Fleece in Bristol on the 6th to support a lovely lady called Lindi Ortega. The Fleece is such a great venue and Chris and the others are bleddy ansome! I always enjoy playing and visiting there. I even enjoy the drive; it’s just the right amount of near and far. ;)

On the 9th I’ll be hitting the road again up to the big smoke for an interesting sounding event called ‘Kernow in the City’!  With the Kernow King acting compere and providing the jokes, I’m hoping it’ll be a great night of music, comedy, pasties and ale!
On the 12th, I’ll be heading to the Melting Pot in Redruth for the official launch of my EP. I’m really excited to have the fantastic Tom Gall playing some tunes and my friend Tee Mafokate, an extraordinary spoken word artist coming to support me on the night!
I’m also really looking forward to playing a few dates with the brilliant Cornish band Auction for the Promise Club.

It promises to be a good month full of music making and driving! J For a full list of tour dates check out the gigs page on the website and be sure to follow my goings-on on facebook.



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EP Launch Wed, 20 Feb 2013 18:29:27 +0000 Kezia Read more »]]> Wellllll… here we are. The first EP is finally finished and almost here! Big breath out.

Had an interesting time making it and getting to grips with the online world of websites and social networks and the like, which I’ve discovered is even more vast than I thought! It’s been great having so many lovely and talented Cornish people involved in getting the thing together, who needs England?!

I’d like to firstly thank John Cornfield for the all he’s done in recording and producing the EP, which included setting up about a million microphones around an ancient grand piano at the Performance Centre at Tremough, and for helping me discover the power of the pasty in music making. J I’d also really like to give a massive cuddle and thanks to Hannah Wheeler ( , a wonderful Bude-based artist who supplied the stunning artwork for the EP and tour poster. She’s the bomb. Another shout out to Jude from Dogbite Film Crew for my logo and to Caden at Seagull Boardroom for the fantastic job on my new website I think you’ll agree it’s pretty nifty! Thanks to the wonderful Louise for being a crazy workaholic and busting her gut to get all this together for me! I think a well-deserved rest is on the way!

The official launch of the EP is the 12th March at the Melting Pot, Krowji, in Redruth, 8pm start. Hope you can make it J  Thanks for all the support!



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