‘Kezia stopped me in my tracks. She has a truly bitcoin trading platform south africa beautiful voice, like Anne Briggs but Cornish’

— Neil Halstead


“I’ve been introduced by Tom”

Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

on his BBC Introducing Mixtape Show on 6 Music he played ‘Amercia’ :D massive thank-you!!!!

You can download the mixtape for free here… (http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/trintro)

Touring Highlights

Hey!!! So I haven’t done a blog in a while because I’m totally useless, or as Lu would say “I’m the worst blogger in the whole world”. It’s been a pretty cool few months and totally weird. Lots of things are changing and shifting in my normal life and so it’s happened that my music life which any musicmaker will tell you is a fickle, inconstant and unreliable life has somehow become the constant thing I can be certain of and look forward to. It’s like the wardrobe in the spare room that lets me pop to Narnia every now and again. :)   Read More

On the road in March

Now that the technical stuff is finished and ready to go, I can get on with doing the thing I love to do… playing!!!

I have quite a few dates lined up for the next month that I’m really looking forward to! I’m particularly looking forward to returning to the Fleece in Bristol on the 6th to support a lovely lady called Lindi Ortega. The Fleece is such a great venue and Chris and the others are bleddy ansome! I always enjoy playing and visiting there. I even enjoy the drive; it’s just the right amount of near and far. ;)

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EP Launch

Wellllll… here we are. The first EP is finally finished and almost here! Big breath out.

Had an interesting time making it and getting to grips with the online world of websites and social networks and the like, which I’ve discovered is even more vast than I thought! It’s been great having so many lovely and talented Cornish people involved in getting the thing together, who needs England?!

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Date City Venue
02/08/13 http://keziaofficial.co.uk Kezia in Wiltshire Fieldview Festival
Time: 4:00pm.
04/08/13 http://keziaofficial.co.uk Kezia in The Wyldes, Week St Mary Leopallooza
Time: 12:45pm. Woo Hoo back to the best Cornish fest :)
Tour: Holland
31/08/13 http://keziaofficial.co.uk Kezia in Newquay Over the Hill Festival
Time: 4:00pm.
06/09/13 - 08/09/13 http://keziaofficial.co.uk Kezia in Maastricht Festival
Time: 8:00pm.
20/10/13 http://keziaofficial.co.uk Kezia in Perranporth Lowender Peran
Time: 8:00pm.

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